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We are a leading US-based marketing agency that can help you reach your target audience in the US and achieve your marketing goals.

Expanding into the US market can be a daunting task for international brands and businesses. But with the right partner, it can be a rewarding and successful experience.

Mediacy Global is a leading US-based marketing agency that can help you reach your target audience in the US and achieve your marketing goals. We have a team of experienced international marketing experts who can help you with everything from market research and strategy development to campaign execution and results analysis.

Our international marketing services include:

Market research and analysis

Gathering and evaluating data on a market, including its size, trends, and competitors, are key components of market research and analysis. Understanding consumer behavior will help you spot development possibilities and make wise business decisions. While market analysis analyses the information acquired to offer insights that support firms' strategic planning and decision-making, market research focuses on gathering data.

Target audience identification and segmentation

Identification of the target audience and segmentation include identifying the particular groups of customers a company wants to attract and classifying them according to common traits or habits. Businesses can customize their marketing tactics, communications, and services to make more meaningful and effective connections with their audience by knowing the varying requirements and preferences of various client segments. This procedure aids in the optimization of marketing initiatives and raises general client pleasure.

International marketing strategy development

Developing an international marketing strategy entails coming up with a plan to sell goods and services across borders. It involves comprehending the distinctive qualities of other nations, adjusting marketing techniques to various cultural contexts, performing extensive research, and creating methods for distribution, promotion, and regulatory compliance. The objective is to increase a company's global footprint and successfully engage audiences across markets.

International campaign planning and execution

Planning and carrying out international campaigns entails developing and putting into action marketing initiatives that aim to reach audiences in many nations. Understanding cultural differences, customer behavior, and market trends in each country calls for extensive research. During the execution stage, strategies, messages, and content are adjusted to appeal to varied worldwide audiences, and campaign activities are coordinated across a variety of channels. The capacity to adapt plans to the unique requirements of each region is essential for the success of multinational marketing.

International brand management

The administration of a company's worldwide branding initiatives is a component of international brand management. It involves efficiently communicating the company's identity on a global scale, maintaining a consistent brand image across many markets, and adjusting branding aspects to match cultural preferences. In order to protect the brand's basic values and messages, this approach entails tackling the particular obstacles that various cultures and markets face. A strong and recognizable brand presence globally is a result of effective global brand management.

International SEO and PPC

The goal of international SEO is to position a website such that it shows up highly in international search engine results. This entails producing material in many languages, utilizing tags to specify preferred languages, and configuring metadata for various geographies. On the other side, international PPC entails executing paid advertising campaigns directed at audiences in other nations. This entails developing regionally specific advertisements, changing how prices and currencies are displayed, and optimizing ad copy for other languages. Both approaches seek to connect with and engage a wide range of global consumers, ensuring that digital marketing initiatives are in line with the preferences and habits of users across the globe.

International social media marketing

Utilizing social media sites to market goods or companies to a global audience is known as international social media marketing. It entails producing material in a variety of languages, culturally modifying messages, and developing campaigns that appeal to a variety of people around the world. Through social media platforms, the goal is to connect with users from other countries, increase brand recognition, and interact with a worldwide community.

International content marketing

The process of developing and disseminating information for an international audience is known as international content marketing. This entails creating material in many languages and cultural contexts, as well as creating campaigns that are both globally appealing and contextually appropriate. The objective is to develop a consistent brand narrative that appeals to individuals in various nations and areas.

International influencer marketing

Working with influencers who have a sizable online following and influence across numerous nations and regions is a component of international influencer marketing. This tactic seeks to market goods, services, or brands to a broad audience by making use of the authority and reach of influencers. The secret is to choose influencers that can connect authentically with a variety of audiences around the world, are culturally relevant, and are able to produce content in several languages.

International lead generation

Finding and luring prospective consumers from a variety of international marketplaces is known as international lead generation. In this process, material and campaigns are created in several languages, strategies are adjusted to local quirks, and targeted methods are used to reach and engage audiences globally. By acquiring and nurturing leads from various nations and regions, the objective is to increase a company's consumer base beyond its native market.

International sales and conversion optimization

In order to increase sales and the possibility that visitors would take desired actions across various countries and regions, international sales and conversion optimization tactics are used. This entails designing a smooth user experience for visitors from around the world, modifying calls to action and content to appeal to a variety of audiences, and optimizing features like currencies, payment methods, and shipping to target worldwide markets. The objective is to increase conversion rates and streamline the sales process for a global clientele.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and we develop custom international marketing solutions that meet their specific requirements. We also provide regular updates and support throughout the marketing process so that our clients are always in the loop.

Benefits of working with Mediacy Global for your international marketing needs:


We have a team of experienced and skilled international marketing experts who can handle any campaign, no matter how complex.

Deep Understanding

We have a deep understanding of the US market and how to reach your target audience effectively.

Latest Trends

We use the latest international marketing trends and technologies to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

Customer First

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and support.

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